2020 contact football season cancelled

It is with great sadness that the British American Football Association has announced today that they have decided to cancel the 2020 contact football season in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Although we are sadden by the decision we feel it is the right decision to make at this time. As currently the situation our country is facing is bigger than football.

We hope that all of our coaches, players and supporters continue to stay safe throughout this difficult time. Continue to reach out to family members and friends a like via the safest methods possible, as staying together through this will help us all to become stronger.

Bobcat Football is not gone; just on hold until 2021, where we will be going full steam into Division 1 football and we hope to see everyone of our followers there with us.

Bafa Statement here

Bobcats put in solid performance in the first round of the play-offs

Devils 6 – 30 Bobcats

Game 9 in the Bournemouth Bobcats season, found the Bobcats featuring in their first ever play-off game since reforming 10 years ago. Finishing in at the number 5 seed the Bobcats took the long travel to the number 4 seed the Norwich Devils. Both sides having never faced each other before neither team knew what to expect of each other. 

The Bobcats started with the ball, a drive that started with a few nerves soon settled after QB #1 Macdonald found WR #8 Mancera for a big 25 yard gain. The drive continued methodically towards the Devils end zone backed by some strong runs from RB #26 Baker and well taken receptions via the hands of Mancera.  

The Bobcats inched closer to the Devils end zone but were unable to find the play to make their way in. Having to settle for a field goal WR/K #15 Bundy stepped up and put a 14 yard kick straight through the upright to have the Bobcats up 0-3 early in the game. 

​The Devils starting with the ball on their 25 yard line opted for a long bomb over the top to their top receiver. S #20 Chandler broke up the play with some excellent coverage. The Bobcats defence kept up the high intensity forcing the QB out of the pocket and breaking up the long passes. The Devils opted to punt but rather than kick the ball the punter took off and took the punt return team by surprise gaining a first down reviving the Devils chances. 

The Devils this time opted to go to the run game but were thwarted by the Bobcats defensive line. Again 3 and out the Devils to punt again, they again tried the fake punt and run. Only to be met by the oncoming steam train that is LB #9 Isaacs who smashed the punter and put a stop to the trick play! 

The Bobcats came out on offence but only managed a very short drive, a throw by Madonald intercepted by a waiting Devils LB who returned the ball for only a short gain. The Devils back on the ball, the Bobcats defence continuing to swarm to the ball well forced the Devils into yet another 3 and out. The punter opting to actually punt this time gave S #24 Burn the chance at a decent 15 yard return. 

The Bobcats looking to get the first touchdown of the game set off with some good running via Baker and RB #13 Barnes. After acquiring a 1st down the Bobcats decided to attack the Devils secondary and a 25 yard pass from Macdonald to WR #10 Edwards gave the Bobcats their first touchdown of the game. The extra point good from Bundy the score 0-10 to the Bobcats. 

The Devils receiving the kick off and a team that love a bit of tricky decided to reverse the ball on the ensuing kick off. Only fooling one player (Myself….) the rest of the Bobcat kick off team were wise to it stopping the runner on about the 35 yard line. 

This next Devils possession short lived the Bobcats defence forcing a 3 and out after a few failed short passes. The Bobcats started this drive with a big pass in triple coverage to WR #89 Griffith, the drive continued to go well as the Bobcats moved down the field behind some impressive running by Baker. 

Unable to get their way into the end zone after a few big run stops by the Devils defence, the Bobcats opted for a short field goal. Unfortunately the kick from Bundy was wide right and the Bobcats ended the drive with no points. 

Norwich continued to fight hard for yards on  offence and put together a good drive via a series of well executed screen plays. Making it past the Bobcats half way line but ultimately being held by the Bobcats on a 3rd down due to some excellent pass coverage from DB’s #94 Badcock and #17 Dimuna. 

The Bobcat offence with the ball back and hungry to get on the score board again set off with a quickened pace. Some big runs from RB #31 Covi using his pace to break out for a few first downs. After a great few runs Covi had to leave the game due to a season ending shoulder injury. The Bobcats unable to get down the field in time as the clock ran out on the first half. 

HT 0-10 to the Bobcats

The Devils got off to a good start for the second half. Their offence started to find a rhythm behind some large runs by their number 33. Marching down the field towards the Bobcats end zone looking likely to score. Up popped S #24 Burn who stripped the ball out of the ball carriers hand and recovering the fumble himself, getting the ball back for the offence. 

The offence started fast with a few quick strikes to Mancera for a pair of well worked receptions. Then followed up with the 1-2 punch of hard running from Baker and Isaacs. A massive 26 yard sweeping run by Isaacs which was called short of the goal line by the official set up the next Bobcats touchdown.  On the 1 yard line the Bobcats rammed the ball home via the heavy work of Macdonald, the PAT blocked the score early in the 3rd quarter 0-16. 

The defence on the field keeping up the high intensity intent to not allow the Devils a sniff of the momentum. When a muffed hand off between QB and RB gifted the Bobcats with the ball, a defensive line man managing to recover the ball (Sorry can’t remember who it was but good hustle man!!!)

The Bobcats looking to put the game further out of the Devils reach capitalised on the short field.  A few big runs from Baker skipping tackles reversing field and running over Devils defenders found him stopped just shy of the Devils end zone. Opting to smash the ball home again, Macdonald plowed his way through the Devils defensive line for another 1 yard touchdown run, the PAT good the score 0-23. 

The Bobcats defence continued to cause the Devils issues and stopped the offences chances with another 3 and out. The Bobcats didn’t fair so well on this drive only managing the one 1st down but ultimately falling short on a long 3rd down run. On the punt a poor snap to punter #61 Tarr found him receiving a hard hit just before getting the ball off resulting in a short kick and not much field for the Devils to work with. 

Norwich looking to take advantage of starting at the half way line tried to get a good drive going. Struggling to find yards both in the air and on the ground, they were faced with a big 3rd down. Where they were given a stroke of luck from a questionable pass interference call giving them 15 yards and a 1st down. 

In the red zone and staring at the Bobcats end zone the Devils crept closer off the back of a strong run on 1st down. An excellent stop by LB #54 Cameron on the goal line up ending the large Devils running back. 

When the drive of controversy continued, an athletic effort by the Devils QB found him scrambling out towards the right hand pylon. As he dived for the end zone with the ball extended in one hand the ball came loose just before hitting the pylon. One official gave touchdown all the others claim fumble……after a delay with some intense discussion the Devils were awarded the touchdown! 

Unable to convert the 2-point conversion the score was now poised at 6-23.  The Bobcats offence back with the ball looked to put the game out of reach, but were unable to find a 1st down on 3 short runs. 

The punt to follow by Tarr fell short but a moment of madness from a Devils player who felt his inner Ronaldo take hold and he decided to control the bouncing ball with his foot. This caused a favourable bounce for Griffith and LB  #12 Tanky to fall on the ball recovering it back for the offence. 

The Bobcats given a free life now looked to run down the clock and put the game to bed. A long draining drive is what they produced off the feet of Baker and Isaacs the Bobcats marched down the field. Exceptional blocking from the offensive line and Barnes cleared craters for the pair of runners to run through.  Unfortunately the Bobcats were unable to finish the drive opting to go for it on a 4th down and coming up short of the end zone!

Devils camped deep in their own half struck out yet another 3 and out due to some hard hitting from the Bobcats defence. When utility man Burn returned the punt a whooping 45 yards only to be tackled by the very last Devil on about the 9 yard line. 

The Bobcat offence this time not wanting to waste such a great opportunity got to action fast. With a quick pass from Macdonald to WR #10 Edwards who capped a solid performance with a touchdown. The PAT from Bundy good the score now 6-30 to the visitors. 

Credit to the Devils the game deep into the 4th quarter but they never gave up continuing to run hard on offence. Ultimately the game was put to bed off the back of a Bobcats interception off a long Devils pass. 

The Bobcats assumed victory formation and took a knee, jubilation from the Bobcats sideline after a confident victory and they turned their attention to the Semi Finals against the number one seed the unbeaten Essex Spartans!!

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – RB Keith Barnes
Defensive MVP – S Robert Chandler


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats finish the regular season strong!

Conquerors 0 – 60 Bobcats

Game 7 in the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season the final regular season game, took the Bobcats on a long trip to the Hastings Conquerors.

Having only a week ago beaten a small Conquerors side they arrived today with a more healthy looking squad size. Having started the game with the ball they got off to a good drive. Making a few first downs on some well worked run plays. 

The Bobcats defense finally able to stop the Conquerors forcing them to punt. When yet another low snap in the same fashion as the first game resulted in the kicker fielding the ball while taking a knee. This set the Bobcats offence up with good field position.

The Bobcats made light work of the short field position and  few hard running plays from QB #1 Macdonald soon found the Bobcats scoring their first touchdown of the game. The 2-point conversion unsuccessful the score early on 0-6 to the Bobcats. 

The Conquerors back in possession of the ball again looked to their running game, but a few big tackles for a loss by the Bobcats D-line made for a big 3rd down. The Conquerors unable to convert had to punt the ball back. 

Where on the punt a bit of intuitive play by WR #89 Griffith and LB #9 Isaacs, resulted in Isaacs breaking free for a 65-yard punt return touchdown! The Bobcats 2 point conversion unsuccessful the score now 0-12 to the Bobcats. 

The Conquerors next drive was short lived a few big tackles from the Bobcats defence halted the Conquerors again. With a change at QB for HC #35 Mclean, the next Bobcats drive saw them turn to the air. Where a screen pass to WR #84 Phillips found him break free an athletic 18 yard or so run for a first down. 

The play ended with a face cage on Phillips moving the Bobcats within 10 yards of the Hastings end zone. Where on the very next play RB #26 Baker broke free towards the end zone for the 3rd touchdown of the game. The 2 point conversion yet again unsuccessful the score 0-18 to the visitors. 

​The Bobcats defence came out again full of energy and force. Pushing the Conquerors offence back via a series of well executed sacks and forcing them to punt from deep in their own end zone. A short punt gave the Bobcats offence good field position to work with. 

Some strong running  by RB #26 Baker and RB #13 Barnes edged the Bobcats closer to the Conquerors end zone. The drive capped off via a passing touchdown from Macdonald finding a wide open Griffith in the end zone. The 2 point conversion thrown out to WR #15 Bundy good the score now 0-26 to the Bobcats. 

​The Bobcats defence took to the field again, the Conquerors not ones to lie down easily continued to fight on through the second quarter. Stringing together a few good run plays and finding themselves a few first downs.  The Conquerors feeling confident about this drive continued to mix things up and turned to the air. The QB hurried by DE #44 Barnes forced a wayward pass into the waiting hands of S #20 Chandler, unfortunately this drew a dubious roughing the passer penalty and the Conquerors offence kept the ball. 

​The drive ultimately came to an end after a massive DE #77 King sack and a tackle for a loss by Barnes yet again. The Bobcats given the ball back were unable to make anything of this drive. After another punt back to the Conquerors their offence also stayed for a short stay on the field, were a muffed hand off on a 3rd down play was recovered by a Bobcats defensive lineman (sorry cant remember who it was!!!)

​With only short field to work with the Bobcats made short work on the backed up Conquerors defence. With Macdonald finding yet another wide open WR #8 Mancera for a short Touchdown pass.  The 2 point conversion good this time a pass from Macdonald to Phillips. The score now 0-34 to the Bobcats, the end of the first half approaching gave the Conquerors two more opportunities on offence the latter ending via a big sack from Isaacs. 

HT 0-34 to the Bobcats

​The second half started with the Bobcats offence on the field, slowly moving down the field with a well balanced mixture of pass and run plays. Staring at the Conquerors end zone yet again the Bobcats unfortunately gave up an interception in the red zone off a good read by the Conquerors line backer. 

​The defence continued to have a day where LB Isaacs popped up for a pick-6 which was unfortunately called back for a defensive pass interference. The play maker that Isaacs has become he popped up on the very next play sacking the QB and slapping the ball right out of his hand. The ball recovered by the Conquerors luckily, not able to make anything of the drive the conquerors had to punt. 

​Punting deep in their own half the punt was blocked and recovered by the LB #12 Tanky setting the offence up on the Conquerors 7 yard line. Short work of the drive and Macdonald found Phillips wide open on the left hand side of the field for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion good, a short run by Baker the score 0-42 the clock now running. 

​Another 3 and out by the Conquerors the Bobcats had the ball back again. Another well put together drive by QB Mclean found the Bobcats marching towards the Conquerors end zone yet again. Sadly the drive ended with another thrown interception to a Conquerors linebacker. 

​The Bobcat defence continued to keep up the high intensity in their game, a series of big sacks just short of a safety forced the Conquerors to punt yet again deep in their own end zone.  The Conquerors punted away this time short, the ball fielded by Isaacs. Isaacs took off down the right hand side of the field weaving through the Conquerors oncoming tacklers, the slippery runner that he is eventually strolling into the end zone for a second punt returned touchdown. The 2-point conversion a QB keeper by Macdonald the score 0-50 to the Bobcats. 

The following kick-off to the Conquerors resulted in a bit of chaos, the Conquerors kick returner just unable to field the ball was quickly surrounded by Bobcats kick off team resulting in an odd safety. 0-52 to the Bobcats and the ball came back to the offence. 

The Bobcats looking to hit the sixty mark went out to put together another scoring drive. A few big runs from Baker and an amazing catch by WR #10 Edwards whom pulled in the ball while getting choke slammed.  The drive culminated with Mancera getting his second touchdown of the day, with a leaping catch into the end zone. The 2-point conversion a throw out to Edwards who climbed and plucked the ball out of the air, the score 0-60 to the Bobcats the game well and truly in the bag. 

That is how the game ended a well executed game by offence and great intensity by the defence. The Bobcats now look to next week where they face the Norwich Devils in the Quarter finals of the play-offs.  

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Carl Phillips
Defensive MVP – LB David Isaacs


Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats put up a big win over the Conquerors!

Bobcats 52 – 0 Conquerors

Game 7 in the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season saw them host the Hastings Conquerors in their final regular season home game. A small Conquerors side of 18 made the long travel to Slades Farm. 


​The Bobcats started with the ball and after having a month off from game time they started slow. The Conquerors with a heavy linebacker blitz found their way through the offensive line to QB #1 Macdonald. The first drive ending in a 3 and out not the start the Bobcats offence were looking for. 

​The Bobcats came out on defense and always started fast thwarting the Conquerors offence forcing them into a 3 and out. An unfortunate snap saw the Conquerors punter take a knee while trying to field the ball setting the Bobcats up within their red zone. 


​The Bobcats seeing short yardage decided to run the ball in, but the heavy stacked D line of the Conquerors stopped the first 3 downs for very little gain. When on a 4th down Macdonald threw a dart at WR #8 Mancera who extended and plucked the ball out of the air with one hand for an excellent touchdown. The PAT by Tarr #61 missed the score early on 6-0 to the Bobcats. 

​The Conquerors on offence trying to run the ball but coming up unsuccessful turned to the pass. They managed to put together a 1st down and gain some confidence. The Bobcats fortunately put a stop to the Conquerors momentum and an excellent punt return by S #24 Burn found the Bobcats offence on the Conquerors 10 yard line. 


​Not wanting to make the same hard work as the last drive it took the Bobcats just one play to find the end zone. This time off the back of some hard running by #7 Jenkins who put on the jets dropped a shoulder and weaved into the end zone for his first ever Bobcats touchdown. Another blocked PAT by the Conquerors mass rush the score 12-0. 

​The Conquerors having found success in the air decided to stick with the pass game. The Bobcats defense having none of it put a stop to the drive with just two plays. A sack by LB #12 Thatcher (Tanky) followed by an interception courtesy of CB #94 Badcock, gave the ball back to the Bobcats offence. 


​The Bobcats came out running hard looking to move down the field towards the Conquerors end zone yet again. Some flashy spin moves from RB #13 Barnes set the Bobcats up with some good field position. When Macdonald found a wide open WR #89 Griffith down the right hand side of the field for the Bobcats 3rd touchdown of the 1st quarter.

Not finding much luck with PAT’s Burn tried his hand at the next attempt. Where his kick was yet again blocked but a fortunate one at that which fell back into his hands. With quick wits he took off and found him self in the end zone to make it a successful 2 point conversion, the score 20-0.  


​The special teams kick off unit continued to cause serious issues to the Conquerors return team with rookie WR #14 Wake racking up a few successful tackles deep in the Conquerors own half. 

​The Bobcats defense not one to be out done by the offence decided to get in on the touchdown fun. When a strangely designed Conquerors play found the QB flicking the ball into the waiting hands of LB #23 Ross’ hands. With the money signs in his eyes glowing he took off towards the end zone for a pick 6!! Another low kicked PAT blocked leaving the score 26-0 still in the first quarter. 

​The second quarter continued much in the fashion of the first, the defense stopping the Conquerors on a 3 and out resulting in another punt. 

​The Bobcats again took just one well executed play down the right side line. A run play to RB #31 Covi who put on the burners streaking towards the end zone off the back of a fantastic block by WR #41 Howard who like a bouncer took his corner out of the club and nullified him out of the play! The trend of blocked PAT’s continued yet again with the score now 32-0. 

​Credit to the small Conquerors side the score climbing and it was only the second quarter they continued to play with heart and passion on each play. But the determination of the Bobcats defense continued to over power them. This time with another pick 6 from the handy work of S #22 Leeland. The PAT attempt the Bobcats went for a change of holder, but a pretty bad snap resulted in Barnes picking the ball up and tossing out a pass to Mancera for a 2 point conversion and a hell of a heads up play, the score 40-0. 

​The Bobcats kick off team were having a hell of a game and again stopped the Conquerors kick return within their own 15 yard line this time. The defense continued to hold the Conquerors to very little yardage and even stopped them on their own 5 yard line after a poorly snapped punt. 

​The Bobcats with short field to work with were staring at the Conquerors end zone yet again. This time a short pass from Macdonald to rookie WR #84 Phillips for his first ever Bobcat touchdown and the 7th of the first half. The Bobcats went for a 2 point conversion but failed on the attempt to score. The score now 46-0 and that is how the first half ended the Bobcats flying high and comfortable marching towards their fifth win of the season.

HT 46-0.

​The start of the second half came and it was pretty much the same for the Bobcats. The Conquerors starting with the ball but being stopped by the Bobcats defence for a 3 and out. 

​The ball back with the offence they wasted no time in getting into the end zone. A tackle breaking run from RB #26 Baker added the final touchdown of the day. The Bobcats opting for a 2-point conversation that failed taking the score to 52-0. 

​With the running clock activated at half time the rest of the 3rd quarter and the 4th went like a flash and very little chances to add to the scoreline!

​With that victory the Bobcats move to 5-2 securing post season football, the Bobcats now have a 1 week break until their next fixture against the Hastings Conquerors at this time in Hastings.

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – QB Craig Macdonald

​Defensive MVP – LB Nathaniel Thatcher


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats score big under the Saturday night lights

Raptors 6 – 44 Bobcats

Game 6 of the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season took them on a short trip to The Avenue Stadium in Dorchester on a Saturday evening! Round 2 of the Dorset Bowl against the Jurassic Coast Raptors whom were high off their first win of the season the previous week and up for a big rivalry game! 


​The Bobcats started with the ball and put together a good drive behind some exceptional catches from WR #8 Mancera and some good running from RB #13 Barnes and RB #31 Covi. The Bobcats marched down the field but unfortunately they were halted by a series of penalties that took them back several yards. 

​The drive eventually fell apart and the Bobcat offence had to punt, an exceptional punt from OL #61 Tarr pinned the Raptors deep into their own half. 


​The Bobcats defence as usual came to play and hit the Raptors hard, their first drive ended with a LB #9 Isaacs sack for a massive loss. A fumbled snap on the following punt and the kicker tried to make something of it, this resulted in the Bobcats starting the next offensive drive with little field to cover.


​The Bobcats started this drive well and a well placed throw by QB #1 Macdonald to Mancera who sliding through the end zone completed a highlight reel catch for a touchdown. Unfortunately a bit of dubious decision making by the zebras resulted in the touchdown being no good for a penalty that no-one was particular sure who committed and what for! 

​So having lost a few yards the Bobcats set out again and this time found WR #88 Gentile skirting down the right hand sideline to be tackled at just the 5 yard line!

The drive ended with two Macdonald runs the first a forward front dive over a Raptors defender falling half a yard short; the second he broke the plane of the end zone to get the first score of the game! The Bobcats hoping to put up a big score went for the 2-point conversion, where Macdonald found Gentile on a short throw to make the score an early 0-8 to the visitors. 

​The Bobcats high off of the early opening score, this is where things didn’t go according to the intended script. The following kick off to the Raptors, found the ball fall to their number 11. Who put his head down and motored through the middle of the on coming Bobcats special team players via some well worked blocking by the Raptors kick return team.  A big kick return that he took to the house to fire up the home crowd! The PAT blocked by the Bobcats defence the score now 6-8, game on!!


​The ball back to the Bobcats offence, this drive started slow with two short runs and or a long third down the Raptors intercepted the ball with good field position for their offence. 

​With the defence camped deep into their own half, thy managed to hold strong and turn the ball over on downs with some hard hits. The Bobcat offence started to march behind some strong running from Covi that got the Bobcats a set of crucial 1st downs.

​When at the start of the second quarter RB #26 Baker burst out for a massive run and unfortunately running out of steam and getting caught at the Raptors 3 yard line in a last ditch tackle. So close to the goal line the Bobcats took advantage of the favourably position and went back to Baker who finished off his earlier run finding the end zone. The Bobcats looking to keep the points tally high and keep hold of the lead went for a 2-point conversion and went back to Baker again for the same play, making the score 6-16. 

​The kick off team this time keen not to repeat  a similar mistake shut down the Raptors returner early on the following kick off. The Raptors continued to work hard with their misdirection running picking up a big first down. The drive was ultimately halted but yet another well timed Isaacs sack for a huge loss! 

​The Raptors having to punt back to the Bobcats whom this time round on offence were unable to take advantage of some well worked plays down the field. Staring at the end zone they struck out on 4 downs and turned the ball back over to the Raptors. 

​The Raptors put together a good long drive with more well worked running plays. A few big gains from their speedy #88 gave them a few 1st downs to move down the field. The Raptors lost ground yet again after another big Isaacs sack for a huge loss. This forced the Raptors to pass a deep ball, this found the waiting hands of S #24 Burn who with a bit of toe drag swag got his first interception of the game. 

​The Bobcats offence looking to put the game further out of Raptors reach looked to their run game. Unable to make much happen on the 1st two downs they looked to go to the air. Where Macdonald found WR #89 Griffith across the middle of the field , who then left two waiting Raptors defenders for dust and raced home for a 35 yard touchdown. 

​The Bobcats continuing with the theme of going for 2-point conversions attempted yet another one. Macdonald sticking with the same play that worked for the touchdown, went back to Griffith who plucked the ball out of the air one-handed for a successful conversion. 

​Th score 6-24 and that’s how the first half ended with the Bobcats ahead rather comfortably and looking good on both sides of the ball. 

​HT 6-24 Bobcats

​The Raptors started the second half with the ball hoping to find a sleeping Bobcats defence. Fortunately this Bobcat was very much awake and continued to halt the Raptors many attempts with well timed tackles and pass break ups.

​The ball punted back to the Bobcats and the 1st drive started well. Yet another huge run by Baker again forced out on the Raptors 5 yard line. The Bobcats continued to fight for the end zone but the Raptors were wise to the short yardage runs and held their own deep. Macdonald was able to smash his way barely through the middle of the line to get the 4th touchdown of the game and his second rushing. 

​The Bobcats went for 2-points again finding Griffith wide open and strolling into the end zone for a successful conversion. The score now 6-32 to the Bobcats and the game was truly out of the Raptors hands now. 

​With the score high the Bobcats defence kept their foot on the pedal causing all sorts of issues for the Raptors offence. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the offence who couldn’t find those all important 1st downs having to punt the ball back to the Raptors on the next drive. 

​The punt from Tarr excellently place yet again, kept the Raptors pinned deep in their own half at around the 6 yard line. The Raptors unable to get out of the sticky situation found themselves looking to pass their way out after a few failed runs. 

​When Isaacs popped up yet again for his 4th sack of the game. This time dislodging the ball from the QB’s hand then falling onto the ball fortunately in the end zone! This resulted in a touchdown and the first of two on the day for the defence. 

​The following 2-point conversion unsuccessful the score was now 6-38 to the Bobcats and the game was truly over. As the game began to wind down and out through the last minutes of the 3rd quarter into the 4th. The Bobcats defence continued to play outstanding, with Burn grabbing two more interceptions and the rest of the defence stopping the Raptors at every attempt. 

​The offence had taken their foot off the gas and made a few mental errors including giving away a few interceptions. When the final play of the game occurred, the second for the defence and final touchdown of the game. 

​A wayward snap by the Raptors offence flew over the QB’s head and was recovered by LB #6 Genovesa. Who found him self scooping the ball but being tackled at the same time and with some quick thinking lateraled the ball. This well placed lateral found rookie DB #94 Badcock who wasted no time putting his foot on the gas, burning through the field for the final touchdown of the game and his first ever Bobcat touchdown. 

​A hell of a heads up play to finish the game off for the final score of 6-44 to the Bournemouth Bobcats. 

​With that victory the Bobcats move to 4-2, the Bobcats now have a 3 week or so break until their next fixture against the Hastings Conquerors at Slades farm. 

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Jason Griffith 
Defensive MVP – S Tom Burn


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats fight out a win in a close clash with the Swindon Storm

Storm 7 – 17 Bobcats

The Bobcats kicked off game week 5 with a trip to the Swindon Storm, the reverse fixture of their last fixture where the Bobcats scored big!!


​The Bobcats went into the game with the message that it won’t be the same game as the last and the Storm will be looking for vengeance. The Bobcats started with the ball and almost scored on the first play of the game a long pass down the right hand side unfortunately not completed. The first drive ultimately ended in the Bobcats punting the ball away.

The Storm offence came out and executed their misdirection running plays well with a few popped passes to the tight end, they made some good ground gaining a few first downs. The Bobcats defence held the early punches and ultimately wound the Storm down to a fourth down. 


​The Bobcats on their second drive found a rhythm some hard running by RB #26 Baker moved them down the field. A few well defended passes by the Storm secondary whom were sticking to their assignments well pressured the Bobcats passing game. When on a 3rd down and 5 some superb improvisation by QB #1 Macdonald flicking the ball last minute out to RB #26 Baker to gain a crucial 1st down. 

​The very next play Macdonald found the large hands of WR #88 Gentile who broke a few tackles and gained yet another 1st down! The Bobcats continued to bare down on the Storm end zone with some hard running by Macdonald and RB #31 Covi on a few key 4th down plays set the Bobcats up in the red zone. A perfectly placed pass by Macdonald to WR #10 Edwards produced the first score of the game! The PAT good from the Boot of Tarr #61 the Bobcats went ahead 0-7.

​The Storm offence almost immediately bounced back and put together a long drive. Finding their way to the Bobcats red zone the Storm had been worn down to a 4th down which they went for. The Bobcats defence held fast and stopped the Storm on 4th down getting the ball back to the offence deep in their own territory. The Bobcats unable to produce anything from this drive punted again to start the second quarter.

​The Storm with the ball back started to make their way down the field picking up first downs with a variety of well put together run plays. With 20 yards to go and their back to the end zone the Bobcats defence continued to fight hard to stop the on coming Storm. When the Storm QB placed a ball into the far right end of the end zone, where he found a toe dragging receiver whom brought the ball down  for the TD. The PAT good the score was even at 7-7 game on!!. 

​The Bobcats tried to claw the lead back instantly with a big kick return to the  middle of the field. The Bobcats then methodically moved down the field working their way into the Storm Red zone. Unfortunately a few mental errors led to the Bobcats acquiring penalties and losing some ground. A crucial 4th down staring at the end zone and a pass to Gentile came just short of the end zone due to some good Storm tackling. 

​The Storm offence started with the ball deep in their own end zone. With fired up Bobcats defence keen to get the ball back they forced a safety on a failed Storm run. The score 7-9 to the Bobcats another big defensive play to get the Bobcats back in the lead. 


​The next Bobcat drive again went well but due to a few more mental error and a dropped pass in the end zone the Bobcats came up short of yet another score. The Bobcats defence staying firm stopped the Storm offence yet again and gave the Bobcat offence one last chance to get in front further before the half. They were unable to take advantage of this possession and ended the half 7-9 to the Bobcats. 

HT 7-9

​The Swindon Storm started the second half with the ball and were putting together a good drive. When a big tackle from S #22 Leeland forcing the to pop out, the ball was recovered by another Bobcat defensive player (Sorry forgot who it was!) 


​The Bobcats continued to work the field well on offence putting together a few first downs behind some big catch and runs via Gentile. Unfortunately this drive came to an end due to a fumbled ball recovered by the Storm defence. 

​This is how the 3rd quarter continued to play out with back and forth long drives via both offences ending in punts and no points to speak of. 

​Middle of the 4th quarter and the ball in Bobcat possession, the Bobcat offence put together a long drive backed by big runs via Macdonald and Baker. When the biggest play of the game occurred, a run to the right hand side via the feet of Baker whom got stopped by two Storm defenders. When in popped up the man mountain that is Gentile whom picked Baker out of the falling bodies of Storm defenders and helping him to an extra 10 yards where he was finally pushed out of bounds on the Storm 2 yard line. 

​The very next play the Bobcats finally found the end zone via the hands of Gentile for the short TD. On the 2 point conversion Macdonald went right back to the big man Gentile, who ran the exact same play and found the end zone again. The Score 7-17 to the Bobcats, they were finally back in the lead!


​The very next Storm drive ended in a 3 and out. Unfortunately the Bobcat offence enjoy late tension and gave the ball straight back to the Storm offence via an interception.

​The Storm offence with the ball putting together a long and good drive. The Storm came in two ways the offence marching on the Bobcats end zone and the black clouds rolled in and the rain started to pelt down. When staring at the Bobcat end zone the Storm went for a pass play and up popped OLB #6 Genovesa with the game ending interception. With a massive return a few stiff arms to boot he put together a 40 yard return.

The Bobacts offence back on the field and the rain coming down hard they ran the game out behind some hard running via Covi and RB #13 Barnes.

A long drive had the Bobcats back in the Storm red zone but unable to get that final push the game clock ran out and that’s how the game ended with the Bobcats pulling out a hard fought win.  Moving them to 3-2 and now looking towards their next game a Saturday evening battle against the Jurassic Coast Raptors in the second round of the Dorset Bowl! 

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Jonathan Gentile
​Defensive MVP – LB Joe Genovesa


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats offence explodes at home against the Storm!

Bobcats 51 – 0 Storm

Game number 4 of the regular season and the Bobcats welcomed the Swindon Storm to Slades Farm. After a 2 game losing streak the Bobcats were keen to get a victory! 


​The last encounter with the Storm ended in a 0-0 draw due to an unfortunate injury to a Storm player! The Bobcats started with the ball and the offence started slow.  The defence on the other hand started fast as always and halted the misdirection running of the Storm. 

​The Bobcats offence continued to bumble along for the entirety of the first quarter until an all mighty telling off from head coach Mclean! The second quarter started with some spark, a few big defensive stops and an interception courtesy of utility man #24 Burn and a defensive stop set up the first TD of the game. 

​A perfectly placed pass to the corner of the end zone by QB #1 Macdonald which found a backwards diving WR #8 Mancera. With the toes dragging and concentration full he pulled the ball down for the first touchdown of the game and what a touchdown it was!!!  The PAT far left the score was set at 6-0. 

​The Bobcats now firing on both fronts, the defence got the ball back quickly and the offence marched down the field. On the Storm 5 yard line with a 4th down they went for it, but this attempt ended in failure! 


​Not one to waste such a good opportunity the defence managed to force a Storm mistake which resulted in a safety, the score 8-0. The ball kicked back to the Bobcats which kicked off a long but good drive. The Bobcats marched down the field off the back of some good running plays. The drive ultimately ended with a WR #88 Gentile touchdown who popped up wide open in the endzone for the second touchdown of the day. The PAT this time unfortunately wide right the score 14-0. 

​The defence continued to stop the Storm offence with a few big sacks and tackles in the backfield forcing them to punt yet again. The Bobcats offence on a high now continued to ride the wave. Where QB #1 Macdonald again thew a great pass finding WR #10 Edwards streaking across the field. With atleast 20 yards to cover once he caught the ball, his fellow WR #41 Howard gave him a great block to open the end zone up for the Bobcats 3rd passing touchdown of the day.  The PAT good the score 21-0. 

​With very little time remaining in the first half this is how the first half ended the Bobcats firing on both sides of the ball and in the lead. 

HT 21-0

​The Third quarter started with the Bobcat defence out again. The Storm offence came out with a lot of work to do and tried to mix it up by getting the ball moving in the air as well. Fortunately to the Bobcats favour they came up against a Defensive line who came to play. A tipped ball at the line by #77 King set up the slowest falling ball ever. In what felt like the ball was in the air forever, it finally fell into the waiting hands of defensive line coach #93 Brooks. Who gave a quick look around and set off full pace for the end zone unopposed. The PAT good the Bobcats starting the second half with a defensive touchdown took the score to 29-0. 


​The Storm came out with intent to get some points on the board and a good kick return set them up at mid-field. With some good misdirection running and a few end-around plays from the Storm receiver the Bobcats defence was slowly getting pushed back. Striving to hold onto the shut out the defensive line managed to penetrate the Storm offensive line and force a hurried throw.

​This where LB #6 Genovesa popped up for his first senior Bobcat interception and put in a great return effort to! With the ball back in the offences hands the Bobcats turned to RB #26 Baker. Where he strung together a couple of big windy runs gaining a couple of first downs and marching toward the Storm end zone. 

QB #1 Macdonald with the hot hand this afternoon tossed another pass to wide open receiver #8 Mancera who took the ball into the end zone for a 30 yard touchdown reception and his second of the game. The Bobcats looking for points to keep the game more comfortable decided to go for 2. Where QB #1 Macdonald rushed his way into the end zone to make the score 37-0.  


​The Storm back with the ball after the kick off, they set off on a run play to get some momentum. DL #99 Clarkson met the Storm running back at the line of scrimmage and popped the ball out of his possession on the very first play. This resulted in rookie LB #51 Cordy reacting the quickest shedding his block and falling on the ball for a fumble recovery. 

​The offence unable to take advantage of the good defensive play went 4 downs and out.  The defence back on the field and continuing to keep a high level of play kept the intensity on the Storm offence.  Where a miscommunication in the Storm backfield between QB and RB, resulted in LB #45 Herring in what was his last game as a Bobcat pounce on the football to recover the fumble. 

​QB #1 Macdonald continued to drop missiles all over the field finding rookie WR #84 Phillips over the top for a big gain down the left hand side of the field. The Bobcats had a few attempts at getting into the endzone within the 5 yard line, but the drive finished with a RB #26 Baker run breaking into the end zone. The PAT unfortunately missed the score was now sat at 43-0. 

​The Bobcats defence continuing to halt the Storm misdirection football with some big tackles across the board. The Bobcats offence put together yet another long promising drive. This time backed by the hard running of RB #27 Ranger, who found his way into the end zone and suffered an unfortunate injury in the process.

​With the Bobcats hunting the infamous 50 points went for a 2-point conversion and QB #1 Macdonald wanting it more than most front flipped his way into the end zone ungracefully landing on his back! 

​The final scores of the game bringing the score to its final update of 51-0.  The Bobcats found a hell of a way to bounce back after two hard fought losses in their previous 2 games to get back to winning ways in a big way!

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – QB Craig Macdonald
Defensive MVP – DE Will Brooks


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

Bobcats stumble again at the hand of the Blitz B in a defensive battle!

Blitz B 17 – 10 Bobcats

Game number 3 pitted the Bobcats against their week 2 opponents the London Blitz B. Looking to make amends for the first game the Bobcats came into this match fired up. 

​The Bobcats started the game with the ball and unable to get going on their first drive via a few penalties and a fumble that was recovered they had to punt. This was very much the same for the Blitz B an early 3 and out caused by a Bobcats defence that came to play. ​

The Bobcats continued to fight away on offence a few big pass plays to WR Edwards #10 and WR Griffith #89 set the Bobcats up in good field position. Staring at the Blitz B goal line the Bobcats were again unable to utilise this excellent field position and a combination of mistakes resulted in the Bobcats not finding the end zone. 

​With both defensive units battling hard and halting the offences’ the only score of the first half was a well taken field goal from the Blitz B. 

HT 3-0 to London Blitz B 

​The opening drive of the first half started well with the Bobcats getting their first take away of the day. A scrambling Blitz B QB laid out a pass to the unsuspecting hands of S Chandler #20 who popped up with the interception. 

​The Bobcats with the ball in good field position put together a long drive, a few mistakes took them back and a few big pass plays one to WR Gentile #88 gave them first downs. With the luck of a few defensive PI calls the Bobcats were staring at the Blitz B end zone. A QB sneak up the middle by QB Macdonald #1 gave the game its first touchdown, the PAT good the Bobcats went up 3-7. 

​The Blitz B now down came out with a long drive of their own, some hard running from their RB and some scrambling from the QB found them marching towards the Bobcat end zone. The 3rd quarter came to an end with this drive an the Blitz B finished the drive at the start of the 4th from a short yardage run via their RB into the End zone. The PAT good the score now 10-7 to the Blitz B. 

​The Bobcats second drive of the half started well, some big time runs from RB #27 Ranger marched the Bobcats down the field. On what looked to be a promising drive ended in an unfortunate interception which was followed by a large return from the Blitz CB. 

​A team not to waste their opportunities the Blitz B struck immediately with a well placed pass over the Bobcats defense and the receiver found the end zone. The PAT good the score now 17-7 to the Blitz.

​The Bobcats received the ball back and on the kick return WR Griffith #89 took the ball back 40 yards to the Blitz B 20 yard line setting the Bobcat offence up with amazing field position. The Bobcats offence unable to move the ball well enough against a very well disciplined Blitz B defense had to settle for a field goal attempt. Another well placed kick from OL Tarr #61 through the uprights brought the score to 17-10. 

​The defense again stepped up and put an end to a running Blitz B whom were using their lead to soak up more time. The Bobcats came back out on offence with one last chance to score. Settling for the Hail Mary on 4 occasions they unfortunate came up short and the Blitz B were able to shut out the game. 

​In what was yet another close game that could have gone either way and this time round dominated by defense the Bobcats came up short leaving them with a 1-2 record. 

​The Bobcats have a short week and now face the Swindon Storm on the 26th of May at Slades Farm. 

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – RB Moses Ranger
​Defensive MVP – DB James Leeland


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.