Bobcats put in solid performance in the first round of the play-offs

Devils 6 – 30 Bobcats Game 9 in the Bournemouth Bobcats season, found the Bobcats featuring in their first ever play-off game since reforming 10 years ago. Finishing in at the number 5 seed the Bobcats took the long travel to the number 4 seed the Norwich Devils. Both sides having never faced each other before neither team knewContinue reading “Bobcats put in solid performance in the first round of the play-offs”

Bobcats finish the regular season strong!

Conquerors 0 – 60 Bobcats Game 7 in the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season the final regular season game, took the Bobcats on a long trip to the Hastings Conquerors. Having only a week ago beaten a small Conquerors side they arrived today with a more healthy looking squad size. Having started the game with the ballContinue reading “Bobcats finish the regular season strong!”