Bobcats finish the regular season strong!

Conquerors 0 – 60 Bobcats

Game 7 in the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season the final regular season game, took the Bobcats on a long trip to the Hastings Conquerors.

Having only a week ago beaten a small Conquerors side they arrived today with a more healthy looking squad size. Having started the game with the ball they got off to a good drive. Making a few first downs on some well worked run plays. 

The Bobcats defense finally able to stop the Conquerors forcing them to punt. When yet another low snap in the same fashion as the first game resulted in the kicker fielding the ball while taking a knee. This set the Bobcats offence up with good field position.

The Bobcats made light work of the short field position and  few hard running plays from QB #1 Macdonald soon found the Bobcats scoring their first touchdown of the game. The 2-point conversion unsuccessful the score early on 0-6 to the Bobcats. 

The Conquerors back in possession of the ball again looked to their running game, but a few big tackles for a loss by the Bobcats D-line made for a big 3rd down. The Conquerors unable to convert had to punt the ball back. 

Where on the punt a bit of intuitive play by WR #89 Griffith and LB #9 Isaacs, resulted in Isaacs breaking free for a 65-yard punt return touchdown! The Bobcats 2 point conversion unsuccessful the score now 0-12 to the Bobcats. 

The Conquerors next drive was short lived a few big tackles from the Bobcats defence halted the Conquerors again. With a change at QB for HC #35 Mclean, the next Bobcats drive saw them turn to the air. Where a screen pass to WR #84 Phillips found him break free an athletic 18 yard or so run for a first down. 

The play ended with a face cage on Phillips moving the Bobcats within 10 yards of the Hastings end zone. Where on the very next play RB #26 Baker broke free towards the end zone for the 3rd touchdown of the game. The 2 point conversion yet again unsuccessful the score 0-18 to the visitors. 

​The Bobcats defence came out again full of energy and force. Pushing the Conquerors offence back via a series of well executed sacks and forcing them to punt from deep in their own end zone. A short punt gave the Bobcats offence good field position to work with. 

Some strong running  by RB #26 Baker and RB #13 Barnes edged the Bobcats closer to the Conquerors end zone. The drive capped off via a passing touchdown from Macdonald finding a wide open Griffith in the end zone. The 2 point conversion thrown out to WR #15 Bundy good the score now 0-26 to the Bobcats. 

​The Bobcats defence took to the field again, the Conquerors not ones to lie down easily continued to fight on through the second quarter. Stringing together a few good run plays and finding themselves a few first downs.  The Conquerors feeling confident about this drive continued to mix things up and turned to the air. The QB hurried by DE #44 Barnes forced a wayward pass into the waiting hands of S #20 Chandler, unfortunately this drew a dubious roughing the passer penalty and the Conquerors offence kept the ball. 

​The drive ultimately came to an end after a massive DE #77 King sack and a tackle for a loss by Barnes yet again. The Bobcats given the ball back were unable to make anything of this drive. After another punt back to the Conquerors their offence also stayed for a short stay on the field, were a muffed hand off on a 3rd down play was recovered by a Bobcats defensive lineman (sorry cant remember who it was!!!)

​With only short field to work with the Bobcats made short work on the backed up Conquerors defence. With Macdonald finding yet another wide open WR #8 Mancera for a short Touchdown pass.  The 2 point conversion good this time a pass from Macdonald to Phillips. The score now 0-34 to the Bobcats, the end of the first half approaching gave the Conquerors two more opportunities on offence the latter ending via a big sack from Isaacs. 

HT 0-34 to the Bobcats

​The second half started with the Bobcats offence on the field, slowly moving down the field with a well balanced mixture of pass and run plays. Staring at the Conquerors end zone yet again the Bobcats unfortunately gave up an interception in the red zone off a good read by the Conquerors line backer. 

​The defence continued to have a day where LB Isaacs popped up for a pick-6 which was unfortunately called back for a defensive pass interference. The play maker that Isaacs has become he popped up on the very next play sacking the QB and slapping the ball right out of his hand. The ball recovered by the Conquerors luckily, not able to make anything of the drive the conquerors had to punt. 

​Punting deep in their own half the punt was blocked and recovered by the LB #12 Tanky setting the offence up on the Conquerors 7 yard line. Short work of the drive and Macdonald found Phillips wide open on the left hand side of the field for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion good, a short run by Baker the score 0-42 the clock now running. 

​Another 3 and out by the Conquerors the Bobcats had the ball back again. Another well put together drive by QB Mclean found the Bobcats marching towards the Conquerors end zone yet again. Sadly the drive ended with another thrown interception to a Conquerors linebacker. 

​The Bobcat defence continued to keep up the high intensity in their game, a series of big sacks just short of a safety forced the Conquerors to punt yet again deep in their own end zone.  The Conquerors punted away this time short, the ball fielded by Isaacs. Isaacs took off down the right hand side of the field weaving through the Conquerors oncoming tacklers, the slippery runner that he is eventually strolling into the end zone for a second punt returned touchdown. The 2-point conversion a QB keeper by Macdonald the score 0-50 to the Bobcats. 

The following kick-off to the Conquerors resulted in a bit of chaos, the Conquerors kick returner just unable to field the ball was quickly surrounded by Bobcats kick off team resulting in an odd safety. 0-52 to the Bobcats and the ball came back to the offence. 

The Bobcats looking to hit the sixty mark went out to put together another scoring drive. A few big runs from Baker and an amazing catch by WR #10 Edwards whom pulled in the ball while getting choke slammed.  The drive culminated with Mancera getting his second touchdown of the day, with a leaping catch into the end zone. The 2-point conversion a throw out to Edwards who climbed and plucked the ball out of the air, the score 0-60 to the Bobcats the game well and truly in the bag. 

That is how the game ended a well executed game by offence and great intensity by the defence. The Bobcats now look to next week where they face the Norwich Devils in the Quarter finals of the play-offs.  

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Carl Phillips
Defensive MVP – LB David Isaacs


Photos credit to Chris Coope.

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