Bobcats put up a big win over the Conquerors!

Bobcats 52 – 0 Conquerors

Game 7 in the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season saw them host the Hastings Conquerors in their final regular season home game. A small Conquerors side of 18 made the long travel to Slades Farm. 


​The Bobcats started with the ball and after having a month off from game time they started slow. The Conquerors with a heavy linebacker blitz found their way through the offensive line to QB #1 Macdonald. The first drive ending in a 3 and out not the start the Bobcats offence were looking for. 

​The Bobcats came out on defense and always started fast thwarting the Conquerors offence forcing them into a 3 and out. An unfortunate snap saw the Conquerors punter take a knee while trying to field the ball setting the Bobcats up within their red zone. 


​The Bobcats seeing short yardage decided to run the ball in, but the heavy stacked D line of the Conquerors stopped the first 3 downs for very little gain. When on a 4th down Macdonald threw a dart at WR #8 Mancera who extended and plucked the ball out of the air with one hand for an excellent touchdown. The PAT by Tarr #61 missed the score early on 6-0 to the Bobcats. 

​The Conquerors on offence trying to run the ball but coming up unsuccessful turned to the pass. They managed to put together a 1st down and gain some confidence. The Bobcats fortunately put a stop to the Conquerors momentum and an excellent punt return by S #24 Burn found the Bobcats offence on the Conquerors 10 yard line. 


​Not wanting to make the same hard work as the last drive it took the Bobcats just one play to find the end zone. This time off the back of some hard running by #7 Jenkins who put on the jets dropped a shoulder and weaved into the end zone for his first ever Bobcats touchdown. Another blocked PAT by the Conquerors mass rush the score 12-0. 

​The Conquerors having found success in the air decided to stick with the pass game. The Bobcats defense having none of it put a stop to the drive with just two plays. A sack by LB #12 Thatcher (Tanky) followed by an interception courtesy of CB #94 Badcock, gave the ball back to the Bobcats offence. 


​The Bobcats came out running hard looking to move down the field towards the Conquerors end zone yet again. Some flashy spin moves from RB #13 Barnes set the Bobcats up with some good field position. When Macdonald found a wide open WR #89 Griffith down the right hand side of the field for the Bobcats 3rd touchdown of the 1st quarter.

Not finding much luck with PAT’s Burn tried his hand at the next attempt. Where his kick was yet again blocked but a fortunate one at that which fell back into his hands. With quick wits he took off and found him self in the end zone to make it a successful 2 point conversion, the score 20-0.  


​The special teams kick off unit continued to cause serious issues to the Conquerors return team with rookie WR #14 Wake racking up a few successful tackles deep in the Conquerors own half. 

​The Bobcats defense not one to be out done by the offence decided to get in on the touchdown fun. When a strangely designed Conquerors play found the QB flicking the ball into the waiting hands of LB #23 Ross’ hands. With the money signs in his eyes glowing he took off towards the end zone for a pick 6!! Another low kicked PAT blocked leaving the score 26-0 still in the first quarter. 

​The second quarter continued much in the fashion of the first, the defense stopping the Conquerors on a 3 and out resulting in another punt. 

​The Bobcats again took just one well executed play down the right side line. A run play to RB #31 Covi who put on the burners streaking towards the end zone off the back of a fantastic block by WR #41 Howard who like a bouncer took his corner out of the club and nullified him out of the play! The trend of blocked PAT’s continued yet again with the score now 32-0. 

​Credit to the small Conquerors side the score climbing and it was only the second quarter they continued to play with heart and passion on each play. But the determination of the Bobcats defense continued to over power them. This time with another pick 6 from the handy work of S #22 Leeland. The PAT attempt the Bobcats went for a change of holder, but a pretty bad snap resulted in Barnes picking the ball up and tossing out a pass to Mancera for a 2 point conversion and a hell of a heads up play, the score 40-0. 

​The Bobcats kick off team were having a hell of a game and again stopped the Conquerors kick return within their own 15 yard line this time. The defense continued to hold the Conquerors to very little yardage and even stopped them on their own 5 yard line after a poorly snapped punt. 

​The Bobcats with short field to work with were staring at the Conquerors end zone yet again. This time a short pass from Macdonald to rookie WR #84 Phillips for his first ever Bobcat touchdown and the 7th of the first half. The Bobcats went for a 2 point conversion but failed on the attempt to score. The score now 46-0 and that is how the first half ended the Bobcats flying high and comfortable marching towards their fifth win of the season.

HT 46-0.

​The start of the second half came and it was pretty much the same for the Bobcats. The Conquerors starting with the ball but being stopped by the Bobcats defence for a 3 and out. 

​The ball back with the offence they wasted no time in getting into the end zone. A tackle breaking run from RB #26 Baker added the final touchdown of the day. The Bobcats opting for a 2-point conversation that failed taking the score to 52-0. 

​With the running clock activated at half time the rest of the 3rd quarter and the 4th went like a flash and very little chances to add to the scoreline!

​With that victory the Bobcats move to 5-2 securing post season football, the Bobcats now have a 1 week break until their next fixture against the Hastings Conquerors at this time in Hastings.

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – QB Craig Macdonald

​Defensive MVP – LB Nathaniel Thatcher


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

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