Bobcats score big under the Saturday night lights

Raptors 6 – 44 Bobcats

Game 6 of the Bournemouth Bobcats 2019 season took them on a short trip to The Avenue Stadium in Dorchester on a Saturday evening! Round 2 of the Dorset Bowl against the Jurassic Coast Raptors whom were high off their first win of the season the previous week and up for a big rivalry game! 


​The Bobcats started with the ball and put together a good drive behind some exceptional catches from WR #8 Mancera and some good running from RB #13 Barnes and RB #31 Covi. The Bobcats marched down the field but unfortunately they were halted by a series of penalties that took them back several yards. 

​The drive eventually fell apart and the Bobcat offence had to punt, an exceptional punt from OL #61 Tarr pinned the Raptors deep into their own half. 


​The Bobcats defence as usual came to play and hit the Raptors hard, their first drive ended with a LB #9 Isaacs sack for a massive loss. A fumbled snap on the following punt and the kicker tried to make something of it, this resulted in the Bobcats starting the next offensive drive with little field to cover.


​The Bobcats started this drive well and a well placed throw by QB #1 Macdonald to Mancera who sliding through the end zone completed a highlight reel catch for a touchdown. Unfortunately a bit of dubious decision making by the zebras resulted in the touchdown being no good for a penalty that no-one was particular sure who committed and what for! 

​So having lost a few yards the Bobcats set out again and this time found WR #88 Gentile skirting down the right hand sideline to be tackled at just the 5 yard line!

The drive ended with two Macdonald runs the first a forward front dive over a Raptors defender falling half a yard short; the second he broke the plane of the end zone to get the first score of the game! The Bobcats hoping to put up a big score went for the 2-point conversion, where Macdonald found Gentile on a short throw to make the score an early 0-8 to the visitors. 

​The Bobcats high off of the early opening score, this is where things didn’t go according to the intended script. The following kick off to the Raptors, found the ball fall to their number 11. Who put his head down and motored through the middle of the on coming Bobcats special team players via some well worked blocking by the Raptors kick return team.  A big kick return that he took to the house to fire up the home crowd! The PAT blocked by the Bobcats defence the score now 6-8, game on!!


​The ball back to the Bobcats offence, this drive started slow with two short runs and or a long third down the Raptors intercepted the ball with good field position for their offence. 

​With the defence camped deep into their own half, thy managed to hold strong and turn the ball over on downs with some hard hits. The Bobcat offence started to march behind some strong running from Covi that got the Bobcats a set of crucial 1st downs.

​When at the start of the second quarter RB #26 Baker burst out for a massive run and unfortunately running out of steam and getting caught at the Raptors 3 yard line in a last ditch tackle. So close to the goal line the Bobcats took advantage of the favourably position and went back to Baker who finished off his earlier run finding the end zone. The Bobcats looking to keep the points tally high and keep hold of the lead went for a 2-point conversion and went back to Baker again for the same play, making the score 6-16. 

​The kick off team this time keen not to repeat  a similar mistake shut down the Raptors returner early on the following kick off. The Raptors continued to work hard with their misdirection running picking up a big first down. The drive was ultimately halted but yet another well timed Isaacs sack for a huge loss! 

​The Raptors having to punt back to the Bobcats whom this time round on offence were unable to take advantage of some well worked plays down the field. Staring at the end zone they struck out on 4 downs and turned the ball back over to the Raptors. 

​The Raptors put together a good long drive with more well worked running plays. A few big gains from their speedy #88 gave them a few 1st downs to move down the field. The Raptors lost ground yet again after another big Isaacs sack for a huge loss. This forced the Raptors to pass a deep ball, this found the waiting hands of S #24 Burn who with a bit of toe drag swag got his first interception of the game. 

​The Bobcats offence looking to put the game further out of Raptors reach looked to their run game. Unable to make much happen on the 1st two downs they looked to go to the air. Where Macdonald found WR #89 Griffith across the middle of the field , who then left two waiting Raptors defenders for dust and raced home for a 35 yard touchdown. 

​The Bobcats continuing with the theme of going for 2-point conversions attempted yet another one. Macdonald sticking with the same play that worked for the touchdown, went back to Griffith who plucked the ball out of the air one-handed for a successful conversion. 

​Th score 6-24 and that’s how the first half ended with the Bobcats ahead rather comfortably and looking good on both sides of the ball. 

​HT 6-24 Bobcats

​The Raptors started the second half with the ball hoping to find a sleeping Bobcats defence. Fortunately this Bobcat was very much awake and continued to halt the Raptors many attempts with well timed tackles and pass break ups.

​The ball punted back to the Bobcats and the 1st drive started well. Yet another huge run by Baker again forced out on the Raptors 5 yard line. The Bobcats continued to fight for the end zone but the Raptors were wise to the short yardage runs and held their own deep. Macdonald was able to smash his way barely through the middle of the line to get the 4th touchdown of the game and his second rushing. 

​The Bobcats went for 2-points again finding Griffith wide open and strolling into the end zone for a successful conversion. The score now 6-32 to the Bobcats and the game was truly out of the Raptors hands now. 

​With the score high the Bobcats defence kept their foot on the pedal causing all sorts of issues for the Raptors offence. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the offence who couldn’t find those all important 1st downs having to punt the ball back to the Raptors on the next drive. 

​The punt from Tarr excellently place yet again, kept the Raptors pinned deep in their own half at around the 6 yard line. The Raptors unable to get out of the sticky situation found themselves looking to pass their way out after a few failed runs. 

​When Isaacs popped up yet again for his 4th sack of the game. This time dislodging the ball from the QB’s hand then falling onto the ball fortunately in the end zone! This resulted in a touchdown and the first of two on the day for the defence. 

​The following 2-point conversion unsuccessful the score was now 6-38 to the Bobcats and the game was truly over. As the game began to wind down and out through the last minutes of the 3rd quarter into the 4th. The Bobcats defence continued to play outstanding, with Burn grabbing two more interceptions and the rest of the defence stopping the Raptors at every attempt. 

​The offence had taken their foot off the gas and made a few mental errors including giving away a few interceptions. When the final play of the game occurred, the second for the defence and final touchdown of the game. 

​A wayward snap by the Raptors offence flew over the QB’s head and was recovered by LB #6 Genovesa. Who found him self scooping the ball but being tackled at the same time and with some quick thinking lateraled the ball. This well placed lateral found rookie DB #94 Badcock who wasted no time putting his foot on the gas, burning through the field for the final touchdown of the game and his first ever Bobcat touchdown. 

​A hell of a heads up play to finish the game off for the final score of 6-44 to the Bournemouth Bobcats. 

​With that victory the Bobcats move to 4-2, the Bobcats now have a 3 week or so break until their next fixture against the Hastings Conquerors at Slades farm. 

​So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Jason Griffith 
Defensive MVP – S Tom Burn


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

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