Bobcats fight out a win in a close clash with the Swindon Storm

Storm 7 – 17 Bobcats

The Bobcats kicked off game week 5 with a trip to the Swindon Storm, the reverse fixture of their last fixture where the Bobcats scored big!!


​The Bobcats went into the game with the message that it won’t be the same game as the last and the Storm will be looking for vengeance. The Bobcats started with the ball and almost scored on the first play of the game a long pass down the right hand side unfortunately not completed. The first drive ultimately ended in the Bobcats punting the ball away.

The Storm offence came out and executed their misdirection running plays well with a few popped passes to the tight end, they made some good ground gaining a few first downs. The Bobcats defence held the early punches and ultimately wound the Storm down to a fourth down. 


​The Bobcats on their second drive found a rhythm some hard running by RB #26 Baker moved them down the field. A few well defended passes by the Storm secondary whom were sticking to their assignments well pressured the Bobcats passing game. When on a 3rd down and 5 some superb improvisation by QB #1 Macdonald flicking the ball last minute out to RB #26 Baker to gain a crucial 1st down. 

​The very next play Macdonald found the large hands of WR #88 Gentile who broke a few tackles and gained yet another 1st down! The Bobcats continued to bare down on the Storm end zone with some hard running by Macdonald and RB #31 Covi on a few key 4th down plays set the Bobcats up in the red zone. A perfectly placed pass by Macdonald to WR #10 Edwards produced the first score of the game! The PAT good from the Boot of Tarr #61 the Bobcats went ahead 0-7.

​The Storm offence almost immediately bounced back and put together a long drive. Finding their way to the Bobcats red zone the Storm had been worn down to a 4th down which they went for. The Bobcats defence held fast and stopped the Storm on 4th down getting the ball back to the offence deep in their own territory. The Bobcats unable to produce anything from this drive punted again to start the second quarter.

​The Storm with the ball back started to make their way down the field picking up first downs with a variety of well put together run plays. With 20 yards to go and their back to the end zone the Bobcats defence continued to fight hard to stop the on coming Storm. When the Storm QB placed a ball into the far right end of the end zone, where he found a toe dragging receiver whom brought the ball down  for the TD. The PAT good the score was even at 7-7 game on!!. 

​The Bobcats tried to claw the lead back instantly with a big kick return to the  middle of the field. The Bobcats then methodically moved down the field working their way into the Storm Red zone. Unfortunately a few mental errors led to the Bobcats acquiring penalties and losing some ground. A crucial 4th down staring at the end zone and a pass to Gentile came just short of the end zone due to some good Storm tackling. 

​The Storm offence started with the ball deep in their own end zone. With fired up Bobcats defence keen to get the ball back they forced a safety on a failed Storm run. The score 7-9 to the Bobcats another big defensive play to get the Bobcats back in the lead. 


​The next Bobcat drive again went well but due to a few more mental error and a dropped pass in the end zone the Bobcats came up short of yet another score. The Bobcats defence staying firm stopped the Storm offence yet again and gave the Bobcat offence one last chance to get in front further before the half. They were unable to take advantage of this possession and ended the half 7-9 to the Bobcats. 

HT 7-9

​The Swindon Storm started the second half with the ball and were putting together a good drive. When a big tackle from S #22 Leeland forcing the to pop out, the ball was recovered by another Bobcat defensive player (Sorry forgot who it was!) 


​The Bobcats continued to work the field well on offence putting together a few first downs behind some big catch and runs via Gentile. Unfortunately this drive came to an end due to a fumbled ball recovered by the Storm defence. 

​This is how the 3rd quarter continued to play out with back and forth long drives via both offences ending in punts and no points to speak of. 

​Middle of the 4th quarter and the ball in Bobcat possession, the Bobcat offence put together a long drive backed by big runs via Macdonald and Baker. When the biggest play of the game occurred, a run to the right hand side via the feet of Baker whom got stopped by two Storm defenders. When in popped up the man mountain that is Gentile whom picked Baker out of the falling bodies of Storm defenders and helping him to an extra 10 yards where he was finally pushed out of bounds on the Storm 2 yard line. 

​The very next play the Bobcats finally found the end zone via the hands of Gentile for the short TD. On the 2 point conversion Macdonald went right back to the big man Gentile, who ran the exact same play and found the end zone again. The Score 7-17 to the Bobcats, they were finally back in the lead!


​The very next Storm drive ended in a 3 and out. Unfortunately the Bobcat offence enjoy late tension and gave the ball straight back to the Storm offence via an interception.

​The Storm offence with the ball putting together a long and good drive. The Storm came in two ways the offence marching on the Bobcats end zone and the black clouds rolled in and the rain started to pelt down. When staring at the Bobcat end zone the Storm went for a pass play and up popped OLB #6 Genovesa with the game ending interception. With a massive return a few stiff arms to boot he put together a 40 yard return.

The Bobacts offence back on the field and the rain coming down hard they ran the game out behind some hard running via Covi and RB #13 Barnes.

A long drive had the Bobcats back in the Storm red zone but unable to get that final push the game clock ran out and that’s how the game ended with the Bobcats pulling out a hard fought win.  Moving them to 3-2 and now looking towards their next game a Saturday evening battle against the Jurassic Coast Raptors in the second round of the Dorset Bowl! 

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – WR Jonathan Gentile
​Defensive MVP – LB Joe Genovesa


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

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