Bobcats offence explodes at home against the Storm!

Bobcats 51 – 0 Storm

Game number 4 of the regular season and the Bobcats welcomed the Swindon Storm to Slades Farm. After a 2 game losing streak the Bobcats were keen to get a victory! 


​The last encounter with the Storm ended in a 0-0 draw due to an unfortunate injury to a Storm player! The Bobcats started with the ball and the offence started slow.  The defence on the other hand started fast as always and halted the misdirection running of the Storm. 

​The Bobcats offence continued to bumble along for the entirety of the first quarter until an all mighty telling off from head coach Mclean! The second quarter started with some spark, a few big defensive stops and an interception courtesy of utility man #24 Burn and a defensive stop set up the first TD of the game. 

​A perfectly placed pass to the corner of the end zone by QB #1 Macdonald which found a backwards diving WR #8 Mancera. With the toes dragging and concentration full he pulled the ball down for the first touchdown of the game and what a touchdown it was!!!  The PAT far left the score was set at 6-0. 

​The Bobcats now firing on both fronts, the defence got the ball back quickly and the offence marched down the field. On the Storm 5 yard line with a 4th down they went for it, but this attempt ended in failure! 


​Not one to waste such a good opportunity the defence managed to force a Storm mistake which resulted in a safety, the score 8-0. The ball kicked back to the Bobcats which kicked off a long but good drive. The Bobcats marched down the field off the back of some good running plays. The drive ultimately ended with a WR #88 Gentile touchdown who popped up wide open in the endzone for the second touchdown of the day. The PAT this time unfortunately wide right the score 14-0. 

​The defence continued to stop the Storm offence with a few big sacks and tackles in the backfield forcing them to punt yet again. The Bobcats offence on a high now continued to ride the wave. Where QB #1 Macdonald again thew a great pass finding WR #10 Edwards streaking across the field. With atleast 20 yards to cover once he caught the ball, his fellow WR #41 Howard gave him a great block to open the end zone up for the Bobcats 3rd passing touchdown of the day.  The PAT good the score 21-0. 

​With very little time remaining in the first half this is how the first half ended the Bobcats firing on both sides of the ball and in the lead. 

HT 21-0

​The Third quarter started with the Bobcat defence out again. The Storm offence came out with a lot of work to do and tried to mix it up by getting the ball moving in the air as well. Fortunately to the Bobcats favour they came up against a Defensive line who came to play. A tipped ball at the line by #77 King set up the slowest falling ball ever. In what felt like the ball was in the air forever, it finally fell into the waiting hands of defensive line coach #93 Brooks. Who gave a quick look around and set off full pace for the end zone unopposed. The PAT good the Bobcats starting the second half with a defensive touchdown took the score to 29-0. 


​The Storm came out with intent to get some points on the board and a good kick return set them up at mid-field. With some good misdirection running and a few end-around plays from the Storm receiver the Bobcats defence was slowly getting pushed back. Striving to hold onto the shut out the defensive line managed to penetrate the Storm offensive line and force a hurried throw.

​This where LB #6 Genovesa popped up for his first senior Bobcat interception and put in a great return effort to! With the ball back in the offences hands the Bobcats turned to RB #26 Baker. Where he strung together a couple of big windy runs gaining a couple of first downs and marching toward the Storm end zone. 

QB #1 Macdonald with the hot hand this afternoon tossed another pass to wide open receiver #8 Mancera who took the ball into the end zone for a 30 yard touchdown reception and his second of the game. The Bobcats looking for points to keep the game more comfortable decided to go for 2. Where QB #1 Macdonald rushed his way into the end zone to make the score 37-0.  


​The Storm back with the ball after the kick off, they set off on a run play to get some momentum. DL #99 Clarkson met the Storm running back at the line of scrimmage and popped the ball out of his possession on the very first play. This resulted in rookie LB #51 Cordy reacting the quickest shedding his block and falling on the ball for a fumble recovery. 

​The offence unable to take advantage of the good defensive play went 4 downs and out.  The defence back on the field and continuing to keep a high level of play kept the intensity on the Storm offence.  Where a miscommunication in the Storm backfield between QB and RB, resulted in LB #45 Herring in what was his last game as a Bobcat pounce on the football to recover the fumble. 

​QB #1 Macdonald continued to drop missiles all over the field finding rookie WR #84 Phillips over the top for a big gain down the left hand side of the field. The Bobcats had a few attempts at getting into the endzone within the 5 yard line, but the drive finished with a RB #26 Baker run breaking into the end zone. The PAT unfortunately missed the score was now sat at 43-0. 

​The Bobcats defence continuing to halt the Storm misdirection football with some big tackles across the board. The Bobcats offence put together yet another long promising drive. This time backed by the hard running of RB #27 Ranger, who found his way into the end zone and suffered an unfortunate injury in the process.

​With the Bobcats hunting the infamous 50 points went for a 2-point conversion and QB #1 Macdonald wanting it more than most front flipped his way into the end zone ungracefully landing on his back! 

​The final scores of the game bringing the score to its final update of 51-0.  The Bobcats found a hell of a way to bounce back after two hard fought losses in their previous 2 games to get back to winning ways in a big way!

So your Roxy’s Bistro Bar MVP’s are:

Offensive MVP – QB Craig Macdonald
Defensive MVP – DE Will Brooks


​Photos credit to Chris Coope.

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